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Re: Activate SQL logging

From: <>
Date: 13 Feb 2005 22:34:32 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Mark A wrote:
> <> wrote in message
> > <snip>
> > And, the lame
> > argument you again post as a 'reason' for your behaviour also
> > how sophomoric your posts have become.
> > <snip>
> >
> > David Fitzjarrell
> >
> I learned that technique of quoting only part of a post from Mark
> Let me ask you something. Do you have the same disdain for the
tactics used
> by Mark Townsend (Oracle Product Manager) and Daniel Morgan on the
> newsgroup.
> No mater how sophomoric it may seem, the reason I started posted here
> because they both are terrorizing people on the DB2 newsgroup with
> BS. I am a DBA and I only come to these newsgroups to exchange
> information and help others. But sometimes other people get so out of
> some sort of response is needed. I am very sorry you have to read
> stuff, and very sorry that Mark Townsend and Daniel Morgan continue
to spam
> the DB2 newsgroup.

Interesting that you blame others for your actions. As I have no interest in the DB2 newsgroup I do not post there, nor do I lurk waiting for my 'opportunity' to slam a respected database product, as you have so clearly done with Mark Townshend has posted a link to his submissions to the DB2 newsgroup, and I find nothing in those posts which even remotely resembles the 'incidents' you cite, nor of the 'terrorism' of which you so blithely accuse him. Of course you are free to interpret such actions any way you desire, and if pseudo-martyrdom is your goal, you may have it.

You claim your TPC-C troll was nothing close to 'marketing BS', however who uses such 'information' to 'inform' people but sales departments? I have yet to witness a technical forum where TPC-C outcomes are discussed at length, much less witnessed any company actually using such 'data' to fuel the decision making process when considering a database product. Clearly some marketing hype was brought forth by your post; no matter how 'impartial' the TPC-C scenarios claim to be, they are truly dependent upon hardware configurations and database layout and design, two items which were not on equal footing between the Oracle system and the DB2 system for the 'winning' results. That you cannot accept that and move on with your life is a sad commentary on your existence. What is also sad is your vigorous assaults upon this newsgroup driven by nothing more than grade-school playground dynamics. You have yet to demonstrate adult behaviour in these exchanges; I suppose expecting such a change is clearly a waste of my time. Therefore I shall no longer expect you to behave as a member of the 21-and-older constituency, something I find truly disheartening. And, since the only person who can alter your behaviour is you I can only conclude you are unwilling to discard this juvenile performance you so readily display.

I truly hope that you may, one day, grow out of this self-centered universe you inhabit. No one is out to 'get you', much as you may like to think otherwise. And, no one is out to get the DB2 newsgroup. You, however, are out to get the newsgroup, by your own admission and by the third-grade tactics you employ, simply because you think one or two regular posters here are intentionally sabotaging DB2 newsgroup threads. 'An eye for an eye' is one thing; senselessly posting irrelevant and useless responses to legitimate questions is entirely another. Possibly some day you'll reecognise the difference and finally take responsibility for your actions. When you do, I'm certain you'll find your posts, archived for posterity, as rude and self-serving as we already find them.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Mon Feb 14 2005 - 00:34:32 CST

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