RE: Migrating Old Oracle Versions on Sun Solaris 10 (Yikes!)

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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 15:19:06 -0800
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You could run a Solaris server in new data center and port the solaris image into solaris containers.

Sometimes you have to choose the quick and slightly more costly as in throwaway equipment versus slow and proper.  

Also you could just build out net new on linux with exact version except maybe go for an upgrade of the database. (Less hassle than an upgrade to the app)  

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I've got a somewhat interesting problem that I’m being pulled into. While I'm researching my options, I thought I would post here to see if someone with more experience with something similar can provide some guidance.  

We have a sister company running an ancient version of Oracle EBS (11.5.9) on Oracle DB on Sun Solaris 10, T-4 servers. The servers are owned and hosted by a 3rd party provider in their data center. We have to move these environments out of this data center to somewhere else. The somewhere else is yet to be determined (new data center, cloud, etc).  

We don't have the luxury to upgrade any of the Oracle software stacks or else we would do so while upgrading to a new platform on Linux/x86.  

I've started looking at things like Sun Solaris emulators (Charon-ssp) to host on modern x86 servers (UGH).  

Has anyone done anything like this or have some thoughts on what options might be available?  



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