RE: How to parse OBJ_PRIVILEGE column of DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL in 19?

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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2020 13:39:31 -0700 (PDT)
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This is the lookup table for those codes, Rich







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Subject: Re: How to parse OBJ_PRIVILEGE column of DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL in 19?


I think it's interesting that even Oracle Support doesn't know the answer to this.  They keep giving me untested answers from Development, leaving me to (dis)prove them.  It amazes me that I'm apparently the only one who has asked this question, as the documentation has been missing/wrong for several versions.


I've come to the conclusion that I must not have auditing (traditional -- not unified yet) configured correctly.  That, or no one asks what privs were granted to trigger an audit row from being generated.







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Hey all,


Looking through DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL of a 19.6 database on OL7.7, I'm trying to decode the OBJ_PRIVILEGE column on rows with GRANT OBJECT in the ACTION_NAME column.  The official doc on the view:


...doesn't say what the column is.  AskTom said in v9.2 that it mirrors the SES_ACTIONS column:


And that's what the v19 doc also says, but the OBJ_PRIVILEGE column is now 32 characters, and I've got hits on the upper columns.


Anyone know where that documentation could be?  FWIW, the docs for v20 appear to be the same as the v19 ones for this.






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