RE: SQL Dev Feature Request - Smart SQL (define row colors within result sets).

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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 08:23:05 -0800 (PST)
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Yeah you can do it today, for a CELL, easily with a CASE…I’m not sure about the entire ROW though


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Hi Ethan,


Posting here for comment/debate and the solutions you are using


I know it is possible to highlight columns using custom HTML and displays gauges in the Grid as Jeff Smith blogged about:


SQL Developer Query & Grid Tricks : HYPERLINK "" Using HTML to Mark Up Your Data in Oracle SQL Developer : HYPERLINK ""


I use ANSI escape codes in the terminal (mine is Alacritty: HYPERLINK "" ) to highlight SQLPROMPT in SQL*Plus whether I connected as SYS-something (SYSDBA, SYSBACKUP, etc.) or as a normal user.




On Fri, 13 Dec 2019 at 15:36, Ethan Post <HYPERLINK ""> wrote:

I opened a feature request for SQL Developer. Posting here for comment/debate and the solutions you are using. Once I figure out how to actually link to the feature request and you can vote if you like.


One of the reasons I submitted is a query I am writing for HYPERLINK "" which I would like to run in SQL Developer with F9 not F5 (script) and render the grid with certain lines in certain colors easily. I will be pushing out some cool updates to ArcSQL later today.






This is "nice to have" feature. I would like the ability to define colors (and perhaps other attributes) for certain lines and columns in SQL Developer using the returned data itself. A very rudimentary implementation would be a special column which contains #XXXXXX color hash. As long as I tell SQL Developer that column "foo" is a column containing certain instructions the line would be rendered using the color defined in the column. 

My use case is a result set that contains three rows for each entity I am interested in. I need to look at certain lines across entities. Returning log file type data would also be a use case. It would make it very easy to spot the lines we are interested in within the greater context of the result set.

Thanks for considering. I know there are ways to do this with HTML but that in my opinion is too much work and ugly. I want to see SQL Developer become the only tool I need and I want to be able to share solutions easily with others that are pure SQL, work even if the color capability is not present, and have enhanced power if run within SQL Developer. Maybe we can call it "Smart SQL".

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