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Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 02:03:54 +0000
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A nice tutorial by master Oracle product manager Gerald Venzl at []<> Creating an Oracle Database Docker image Gerald on IT<> Run your Oracle database inside a Docker container. OK THANK YOU but there is a problem because when i work inside the container then commit the changes it gives me an image with size bigger then the first.i push it to my local registry. now i have two images of oracledatabase with the first is with the tag V1 and the second with V2,
Quote: "Another important parameter is the -v parameter which allows me to keep the data files of the database in a location outside the Docker container. This is important as it will allow me to preserve my data even when the container is thrown away. You should always use the -v parameter or create a named Docker volume!"

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Anybody using docker or some kind of application containerization environment in their production systems. We don't have any but just trying to understand it and how to use it. We are having trouble figuring out how the database fits into all of this. Is your database in a container? I don't see how you could with a 1tb database. So is the application just under a container and they all point to a traditional database?


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