RE: Help with moving from Glassfish 4.1.1 to Oracle WebLogic Server

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Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 07:19:03 -0700 (PDT)
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ORDS has already officially dropped support for Glassfish, and yes, most of our customers are using Tomcat.


WLS is being used by those sites that ALREADY have it up and running for other applications, and find it convenient to drop ORDS in there.


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Hi Mark


I suspect you will find WebLogic is overkill for your needs, to be honest, my personal preference for ORDS is to use tomcat as the app server, its dead easy to get up and running (and the price is nicer too).  


I'm not sure I entirely like LS' database/schema analogy, The relevant documentation is at, but a WebLogic domain is a unit of administration for at least one, but potentially many different instances of WebLogic running on one or more physical servers. Each of those instances is a managed server running one or more J2EE applications. In the case of ORDS, you'll either need a single WebLogic server instance running both as an admin server and hosting the ORDS application, or if you want resilience to server failure then maybe you would create a WebLogic cluster in your domain. It's also worth reading up on node manager ( if you have HA requirements and will be using multiple machines.   


One thing I would say, whichever app server you choose, is that a single ORDS instance is perfectly capable of serving multiple databases - see for example and it may well be that the capacity requirements for your applications don't require more than one or two application servers running ORDS. Obviously, you might have firewalls or geographic considerations that mean a single ORDS server (or a couple behind a load balancer) doesn't make sense. 


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Hi LS,


Thanks again for the pointers.  Do you know about Glasfish?  Is a domain in WLS similar to a domain in Glassfish?


Or is it more likely that a WLS managed server is like a domain?


Ultimately, I need to deploy multiple 'ords.war' files, for different apps, configured to talk to different databases.


So, do I create one domain, say 'base_domain', and create multiple managed servers under it, and deplpy an 'ords.war' into each managed server?


Or have multiple domains, and deploy one 'ords.war' file per domain?






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Awesome, thanks! 


I'll check it out!




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Hi Mark


Quick explanation.


After installation you have to create domains, during domain creation you can create managed server.


The domain is like database and managed server like a schema, in database terms. A default domain without any managed server creates by default the administration server, if you create new managed server are new weblogic instances.


After domain and managed server creation you get these scripts


$DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ ===> this starts the administration server

$DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ ===> this starts the managed server


I learnt all when working with Forms & Reports :-)







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Hi all,


I've been working with APEX/ORDS/Glassfish for years, but recently, I tried the latest version of Glassfish, 5.1.0, no longer under control of Oracle, and was having a deployment error with ords.war.  (Something about CDI...?)


Anyhow, I know latest version of ORDS still supports Glassfish, but it's deprecated, and the days are numbered.


So, I thought, no time like the present, let's try Oracle WebLogic Server.


So, first, while I'm quite comfortable with Oracle Database, I have *zero* experience with Oracle WebLogic Server.  So, I was poking round the web, and I found this, which I downloaded:


I managed to get it installed (I think), but I can't figure out what to do, how to start it and start working with it.  As I said, I have *no* experience with WebLogic Server.   FYI, when I indtsalled it, there weere three options, "WebLogic",'Coherence", and "Complete with Examples", or something like that.  I installed the first option, "WebLogic".


I found a document, which said to do '' to start it, but I have no such file in my newly installed Oracle home.


Can someone give me a clue, or possibly a link to some documentation that will hold my hand and outline *exactly* what to do in which order?






PS  I find this all very confusing, particularly the part about WebLogic being part of Fusion Middelware?  Anyhow, when you respond, please do so as if I were a clueless idiot, because when it comes to WebLogic Server, I pretty much am!


PPS  Yes, I'm finally back at work.  I did work from home last week, and this Monday, and I've been in the office since Tuesday.  I'm still not 100%, but I'm definitely feeling better.



Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA

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