OT: Changing username on MOS

From: Rich J <rjoralist3_at_society.servebeer.com>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 10:49:09 -0500
Message-ID: <97297eacd21417bc66633fb3a968bf0e_at_society.servebeer.com>

Hey all,

So I'm giving in and finally updating my email address (username) in my MOS profile to account for our change in company name. I've received the 2 emails (one to each of old and new email addresses) about the change. I've also requested the requisite email verification, but an hour later and I'm still waiting. Online help suggests logging in using my old username, which is disabled due to the email change. The Help Request form says they'll get back to me, "usually within 24 hours".

My co-worker, who's also an co-admin for our MOS said it took a day for their email verification. If that delay's intentional (e.g. for "security"), it's a poor customer service and poorly communicated. If it's not intentional....wow.

Anyone else have a similar issue changing their MOS login?


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