Re: Service de-registration after switchover question

From: Oleksandr Denysenko <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 10:19:21 +0300
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please, show from new standby:

  • show parameter db_unique_name
  • show parameter service_name
  • lsnrctl services
  • full desctiption of used TNS connection string

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     Oleksandr Denysenko

16.05.2018 8:19, Doug Kushner :
> Hi all,
> Please be kind as this is my first posting to this list.
> We have two RAC platforms with GI and RDBMS replicating with Data Guard.
> Switchover testing was successful using the broker with the roles switching successfully.
> Services have been configured with the primary role on both platforms and as expected, after
> switchover the services are stopped on the new standby and started on the new primary. The
> applications are not TAF/FAN aware, so these tests assume for the time being that we are shutting
> down the apps (external connections) and restarting them after the switchover.
> Now for the question... We expected as part of this switchover, that the services which were
> stopped would automatically be de-registered from the listener on the new standby side. However,
> they are still registered, and we are wondering if it is our expectations or our configuration
> that is at fault.
> With the services still registered on the standby side, sqlplus connection attempts to the service
> result in an ORA-01033 error, since the standby address is the first of the two addresses in the
> TNS alias.
> Have not been able to find any info regarding deregistration of services in the listener after a
> switchover, so thought I would ask the experts.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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