Service de-registration after switchover question

From: Doug Kushner <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2018 22:19:10 -0700
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Hi all,

Please be kind as this is my first posting to this list.

We have two RAC platforms with GI and RDBMS replicating with Data Guard.  Switchover testing was successful using the broker with the roles switching successfully.  Services have been configured with the primary role on both platforms and as expected, after switchover the services are stopped on the new standby and started on the new primary.  The applications are not TAF/FAN aware, so these tests assume for the time being that we are shutting down the apps (external connections) and restarting them after the switchover.

Now for the question...  We expected as part of this switchover, that the services which were stopped would automatically be de-registered from the listener on the new standby side.  However, they are still registered, and we are wondering if it is our expectations or our configuration that is at fault.

With the services still registered on the standby side, sqlplus connection attempts to the service result in an ORA-01033 error, since the standby address is the first of the two addresses in the TNS alias.

Have not been able to find any info regarding deregistration of services in the listener after a switchover, so thought I would ask the experts.


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