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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 23:54:39 -0400
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Well, there are several aspects of your question. I usually separate $ORACLE_BASE and data files for easier management. It is very likely that you will have to install new versions and new homes into the same base. I also use Ext4 for $ORACLE_BASE because it's better suited for a large number of small and medium size files. File systems like XFS or JFS are better suited for relatively small number of very large files. Also, the I/O characteristics of the $ORACLE_BASE and data files are very different. Data files don't need to be frequently open and closed and the data point file system are frequently mounted with "noatime" option, to save overhead during writes.  In $ORACLE_BASE, access time can be very important and people usually don't mount it with "noatime" option.

Furthermore, I also don't want to mix high priority I/O like paging, incurred when somebody opens sqlplus  or adrci with the regular file I/O, like the one done against Oracle data files. Last, but not least, mount points are queuing points. The more queuing points you have to more parallelism can there be between the I/O operations. So, I believe I've made my case for the separation.

On 03/28/2018 03:34 PM, Jeffrey Beckstrom wrote:
> We are migrating to Linux. We are planning on storing the Oracle
> binaries and datafiles on the same mount point. Should we rethink this
> and separate them. The mount point points to a SAN if that matters.
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