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                Decades ago, I learned not to name my redo logs as .log.  The standard where I am now is .rdo.  This way no matter what type of file system you have they won’t be gotten by massive log delete.


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Tim mentioned ASM... there are many benefits to it that are mentioned in the documentation, but it also adds protection to your database from non-Oracle people. A system admin wanting to free up filesystem space can't delete redo1.log if it's stored somewhere he doesn't know how to access.

Anyway, since you're building out a new environment maybe it's a good time to consider it.


On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 2:34 PM, Jeffrey Beckstrom <<>> wrote: We are migrating to Linux. We are planning on storing the Oracle binaries and datafiles on the same mount point. Should we rethink this and separate them. The mount point points to a SAN if that matters.

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