Re: Deadlock and ORA-0600 ocurred yesterday

From: Eriovaldo Andrietta <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2018 22:34:08 -0300
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I got the sql_id involved :

select *
where sample_time between TO_DATE('23/03/2018 18:47:00','DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') and

                          TO_DATE('23/03/2018 18:47:35','DD/MM/YYYY
and sql_opname not in ('SELECT')
and blocking_session IS NOT NULL;

Thanks for all answers.


2018-03-24 21:53 GMT-03:00 Mladen Gogala <>:

> Trust the query for what? Deadlocks leave trace files. Get someone to send
> you the trace file and the story is over. With the query below, you will
> get the list of all tables modified within 6 PM and 7 PM today. BTW, a good
> practice is to flush the monitoring info to the table, using DBMS_STATS
> call. How will that help you with the deadlock? Another way would be to
> query ASH (active session history) and find all sessions with blocking id
> not null between 6 PM and 7 PM. All you need to locate is a closed graph: A
> is waiting on B, B is waiting on C and C is waiting on A. Every deadlock is
> a closed graph. That will give you SQL statements involved and presumably
> help you to solve the problem. The problem with deadlocks is that they are
> usually application logic errors. It is not possible to have deadlock is
> all the applications lock row in the tables in the same order. If all
> applications first lock table A, then table B and then table C, there will
> be no deadlocks. However, if some applications are locking tables in
> different orders, you may encounter a deadlock.
> Regards
> On 03/24/2018 05:54 PM, Eriovaldo Andrietta wrote:
> Hi,
> There were a error ORA-0600 yesterday caused by a deadlock.
> I donĀ“t have acesss to the alert of the database server.
> Can I trust on this query ?
> select table_name,inserts,updates,deletes,truncated,timestamp
> from dba_tab_modifications
> where timestamp > TO_DATE('23/03/2018 18:00:00','DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI_SS')
> and timestamp < TO_DATE('23/03/2018 19:00:00','DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI_SS')
> With this query I got a list of tables.
> Is there another way to know what is the table that were root cause of the
> error ?
> Great
> Eriovaldo
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