RE: Anyone Using In-Memory?

From: Christian Antognini <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2017 07:08:47 +0000
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Hi Scott

> Has anyone played with this?

Yes. Actually, I spent quite a lot of time with it, i.e. more than just "playing" ;-). That said, I don't have many customers using it. You'll not get tons of replies...

> Is it difficult to use?

Basically, no. But, as always, details might be important. A good example of that is described in this blog post<>. It was written by a colleague of mine based on a non-obvious problem that we hit by one of our customer's implementation.

So, when correctly used, the performance improvements can be huge. But, understanding how it works is important.

> We are on Oracle

I would strongly advise you to do a PoC with 12.2. So many improvements were implemented in 12.2 that, IMO, should no longer be considered for In-Memory deployments... remember, was the very first release of In-Memory.

Chris Antognini

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Apress 2008/2014

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