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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 11:52:30 -0500
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Unless there is an unusual feature removal (which should not happen at minor x.x.# releases) this is unlikely to get you into trouble.  

When they removed the hooks for an old release of sqlnet that had become routinely hackable, you got screwed up if you still needed sqlnet to the old enough releases that did not support communications with any more secure release of sqlnet.  

If memory services this happened twice since v5 in 1987, and of course it is NOT germane unless you support older releases on the same infrastructure. And it would be hard to miss the warnings associated with such removals (actual removal as opposed to mere deprecation.)  

In addition to sqlnet, this has happened one or a few times with the java releases when Oracle patched parsing bugs that allowed some slightly incorrect code to get through causing some existing software to stop "compiling", so specifically on java stuff I would be certain any older applications or suites are known to work on the forward release. For E-biz specifically they blog compatibility and versions for pretty much everything. (I think of the entire tree from Cliff Godwin down as "actual friends of the user community.)  

I doubt such problems apply to GCC and usually they do not apply to sqlnet.  


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I always interpret versions in installation guides as showing the minimum version level for packages. It's unrealistic to expect exact matches on any package, because they are being used by so many software applications and package, which might specify other version levels. If somet

On 2/10/17 06:14, Beckstrom Jeffrey wrote:

The install guide lists GCC 4.8.2. Can version 4.8.5 be used instead?

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