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Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2017 13:17:47 -0500
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What a great tip! DidnĀ“t know about this AWS schema conversion tool.

I have to migrate a database from Oracle to MySQL on AWS, I was thinking on using Pentaho PDI tools to do the work but this looks promising.  

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AWS Schema Conversion Tool:  

AWS Database Migration Service:


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Morning All,

For some reason, I'm not receiving any replies on this thread, so I'm replying "blind", hope it works. I had to read replies from the archives, on line.

Niall, as of a telephone call yesterday, from Oracle, we have suddenly become very much under licenced, at a rather substantial cost. No discounts offered or given, unless, we switch to Oracle Cloud from Azure. Go figure.

I'm not up on all that "may not be incorporated into a contract" guff to be honest, does it mean we can't be held to it? Does it mean Oracle cannot charge it as we didn't have it in our contract? I'll pass, and leave it to the legal bods to sort out what the words say, and what they actually mean! I'll stick with the databases myself, leave the licencing and people managing to others.

I feel a lunchtime project coming on, PL/SQL to PostgreSQL converter! How hard could it be. Checks Google .... oh good, it's been done already!


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