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From: Jack Applewhite <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 21:55:44 +0000
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We're getting two new ODAs, have been reading the docs, and attended an Oracle ODA workshop last month. These ODAs will replace six old 64 bit Linux servers (8 cores each with 32 to 64 GB RAM) and host the 22 databases currently on those old servers. All the DBs are 10gR2 except a couple of 11gR2 ones. They currently occupy about 7 or 8 TB of total disk - a couple of 3Par SANs. It's a mix of Prod, Dev, and Test. We've got enough Enterprise licenses to light up 10 core per server, will use normal (double) mirroring. and do backups to an external system. We're also planning on having the DBs in one VM per server, with the other VM(s) possibly hosting some App servers processes to use some of the remaining cores. We'll do our 10g to 11g DB migrations / upgrades by creating new empty 11g DBs and using DataPump expdp / impdp to move the data. Migration will be a slow, deliberate process taking several weeks or months.

We're interested in anyone's actual experience with ODA and recommendations. We're planning on pretty much taking the defaults that ODA provides for everything, with little, if any, customization - at least for the first few DBs.

A search of the Web revealed this presentation, which is very informative:

Any other papers, docs, presentations, etc. that might be helpful (we've got all the Oracle docs already)? Any tips welcome, too.


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