Re: training for new DBA's

From: Wayne Smith <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 16:25:02 -0500
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Thanks for the comments, Ric! My points were twofold and not far from yours, I think. First, the training has to take into consideration the skills of the trainee. Second, the company probably has immediate and near-term needs, so the initial training should be tailored to them.

If my trainee was a sysadmin, the training would be a lot different than if she was a database developer. If my immediate need was for a DBA with application awareness or security considerations or installations or performance, ... the training of interest and order of training will vary considerably.

As an example, if I send a trainee to school on OEM install and config, but the trainee won't be putting it to use for another year, large portions of that time/money would be wasted. Learning is good ... using that knowledge is good for the company and great for knowledge (and trainee) retention.

Cheers, Wayne

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