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All good stuff.. Chrome is excellent for cloud work. However I find when with signing into google and performing a search that it slows down the search result, as the results are simultaneously recorded (which may also raise privacy concerns). Also google obfuscates the URLs when logged in so can't copy and paste links so easily.

I prefer to carry out web based research with ffox using the zotero plugin ( to enable web site archiving and recall - with third-party verified timestamp - just in case you want to prove web site x was publishing content y at time z. Handy for legal cases or just recording interesting blog pages.

Personally I can say that Don's postings have helped me in the past - though I have not used the perf scripts mentioned, so cannot vouch for them directly. People are free to publish on the www and to like what sites they want to. However email lists are slightly different, in that they are pushed to people's inboxes, so etiquette and accuracy etc is more important.

BTW for those upgrading to Java 7 in the future there are handy methods of carrying out Unix administration in case the SA is not available... butes-and-permissions/ --- advice is to make sure Java is running with least priv.


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By the way, if you're using Chrome (and are logged on to a google account) then check out the Personal Blocklist extension: nkgaikbjbdaogikpmpbdcdef?hl=en

You can just click on a "block this domain" link right in the google search results whenever a crap website shows up. I have blocked plenty of sites with low quality content and also all of the sites where relevant content always seems to show up in search results, but once you go to the site, it hides the content and asks you to sign up and/or pay instead. Thanks to that I haven't had the search engine spam problem for years, I just don't ever see those sites anymore.

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