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Subject: Re: Options for poorly performing SQL I have had this problem before, and while part of the problem is most likely the dynamically generated sql, the core of the problem may well be that they simply do not know how to change the code that is generated. I have run into that case before, I identified bad sql, sent it to them, and got no response at all. After some digging I realized that all they really knew was how to work with the Java objects to get data from the database, they had no understanding of where the code was actually coming from, what it said, or how to change it. On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 10:03 AM, Carlos Sierra >>

The root cause is that people who write application code appear to have an unreasonable disdain for everything not in the programming language of choice, of which SQL is notoriously not. The only way I've ever seen this overcome is to have a database programming design and development group. Anyone who designs a database application without rigorous attention to the critical database interface to their application are simply not serious or professional at all.

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