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To me, a DBA is a support/infrastructure position. We are not the "gatekeepers" - we are not the "bouncer" at the door.

To me, the business makes the rules - they should decide the code submittal process *AND* the exception handling process for fast tracks etc.

In environments where this is lacking (immature/young organizations) I have worked with the development groups to come up with a practice and reinforce that we can't make a habit of "shoving stuff in".

Typically performance improvements for new code are identified in QA/Test. For perf. issues identified in production, we reengineer those in dev/QA and submit the fixes to production on the regularly scheduled production deployment unless it's critical and then it is handled by the exception process.


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What is everyone's code review process?
* Do you review code during development or right before going to QA?

  • Or do developers come to you and say we need this to go to production right now can you check it out really quick?
  • Are you proactive in the code review process or is there a formal submittal?

And what is your code review process like?

  • Do you just check for naming standards? Use a special toll or application?
  • Do you do some kind of performance testing on the code? Do you do it on all code or just some

Side question, which team writes your pl/sql code? Do have you dedicated pl/sql developers or do your Windows/Java/Cobol developers do the pl/sql as well? Our DBA team is very small so our .Net and Cobol programmers write most of their own pl/sql and since it is not their primary language it is not always the most efficient. So I am often reviewing it at the last minute with occasionally not much time to really make changes. I try to teach them as much as I can.

Some background, we write all our own applications and it is all for internal use .

Thanks in advance for any input.


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