RE: Database creation question

From: Iggy Fernandez <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 18:10:34 -0800
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> We, too, typically use dbca to create the scripts, then use those scripts
> to create additional databases. However, I'm finding dbca to be pretty
> quick and easy to use and am considering changing the way we do things....
 You can create a customized starter database, then turn it into a DBCA "seed template" containing actual physical files. Seed templates are the fastest and most reliable way to create a standardized database. See This type of template contains both the structure and the physical data files of an existing database, referred to as the seed database. Your new database starts as a copy of the seed database, and requires only the following changes: Name of the database Destination of the data files Number of control files Number of online redo log groups Initialization parameters > Based on the responses, I decided to install Oracle Text, and keep APEX
> as is. I don't want to uninstall something that Oracle suggests installing,
> and I don't like the invalid objects in a new database.
 As somebody else has pointed out already, the auditors will point out that you have installed software that you don't need. Every piece of additional software that you install potentially has security and performance implications down the road. Kindest regards, Iggy
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