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From: Maureen English <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:36:06 -0900
Message-ID: <>

Thanks for all the replies! I've spent more time reviewing the Oracle license agreement lately than I ever have in the past. We are licensed for a lot of extras, and we do need Oracle Text for at least one of our applications, so if that ever becomes a for cost option, I'm sure we'll purchase it, too.

We, too, typically use dbca to create the scripts, then use those scripts to create additional databases. However, I'm finding dbca to be pretty quick and easy to use and am considering changing the way we do things....

Based on the responses, I decided to install Oracle Text, and keep APEX as is. I don't want to uninstall something that Oracle suggests installing, and I don't like the invalid objects in a new database.

  • Maureen

Hans Forbrich wrote:
> I agree to a certain extent, specifically with Oracle Text, Oracle
> Media, Oracle Locator, XDB, Java, and the like.
> OTOH, APEX is a no-cost feature (not option), which requires HTTP access
> to the database. If the DBA is not aware, the dbms_xdb.sethttpport()
> and dbms_xdb.setftpport() could be used to open access to the database
> through non-traditional access points.
> My take is more along the lines: if you are not able to administer and
> audit a feature - from a comfort-, skill-, time-, authority-, management
> directive- point of view - don't install it.

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