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From: Ed Long <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 10:30:15 -0800 (PST)
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Hi everyone.
Here is today's update.
Oracle seconded "De DBA"''s suggestion to recreate the controlfile referring to document 735106.1 for specifics. Step 1 is alter database backup controlfile to trace. Step 1 fails with ORA-16433 database m/b in r/w mode. I now believe this bug is Windows 7 related as that is what is different. Any experience with

Edward Long

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From: De DBA <>
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That could be your problem then: RMAN's "restore database" command does not restore the control file or the SP-file. It's got to be done explicitly.

The existing control file after the RAT "knows" that the database has had activity after your level 0 backup and RMAN wants to bring the restored database up to speed. Hence the message that file 1 needs media recovery.


Ed Long wrote:

Thanks for thinking about the problem.
No, I literally just did restore database. Ticket open with Oracle, more updates tomorrow (Tuesday).

Edward Long

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From: De DBA <>
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Hi Ed,

Perhaps a silly question, but did you restore the control files after completing the RAT? If not, the post-RAT control file will have a higher SCN than the restored database and insist that the datafiles need media recovery. There should be an automatic controlfile backup in your level 0 backup, since it contains the system datafile.


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