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RE: explain plans for PL/SQL and transactions

From: Jamadagni, Rajendra <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 04:57:05 -0800
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What if I don't have SQL in my pl/sql procedure? OP was trying to find why and where his code was looping. Where in pl/sql code there was wastage.

I have been using 10046 for a couple of years, I have done pl/sol for over 6 years, please show me how using 10046 you would find bad pl/sql when there is no single SQL statement in the code.

I am not doubting you, please educate me.


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Sorry, but your statement that " for pl/sql you have no choice other than dbms_profiler" is incorrect.
I have not challenged the usefulness of dbms_profiler. But I have now been told twice that you can't use 10046 trace for pl/sql and if you believe that you can't get useful information out of a 10046, level 8 trace for a pl/sql job then you are cheating yourself. Let's look again at the original question. For a batch job running pl/sql the user wanted to see:
-- the execution plans and costs for all the code it submits
I can't find the execution plans/costs using profiler. I could be in for some education here, maybe it's there and I'm just not seeing it.
-- memory used

I can't find this using either tool.
-- cpu used

I can't find this in dbms_profiler output, but it is in 10046 trace.
-- time to complete.

Clearly available in both. However, a lot more detail of events appears available in 10046.

I only continue to respond to this because I hate for someone who may have never used either tool to get the idea that if tasked with troubleshooting performance of a job that uses pl/sql they cannot use a 10046 trace. That would potentially be a huge part of a DBA's or a developer's world in which they would be limiting themselves. Is it the end all solution? Absolutely not. Is it going to help solve every pl/sql or sql problem? Absolutely not. Is it, in general, a useful tool to use with sql AND pl/sql? Absolutely!!



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