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RE: explain plans for PL/SQL and transactions

From: Jamadagni, Rajendra <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 05:46:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>


1 Billion buffer reads reminds me an interesting situation I encountered early this year.

One team developing a piece of code complained that it is too slow. So, I looked at the pl/sql code, it was okay. We decided to look at SQL, so we traced it and found one query taking about 80% of the time and over a billion buffer scans.

I was assured that this is exactly how the query should be written. So, I took the query outside and started playing with it. After 15 minutes I rewrote the query in the form that every column is prefixed with the table alias. And then it all made sense ... there were two tables in the FROM clause that were not being used as all. Hello Cartesian Joins ... Developer then confessed that he should have fixed the code after he finished testing some enhancements to the code. He fixed the SELECT and WHERE clause but forgot to fix the FROM clause. Removing the offending tables from the FROM clause, the process which used to run for about an hour, came down to < 10 minutes.

Remember dbms_profiler will tell you which line of code is being executed how many times and total how much time it took to execute, line by line. By using this once, I helped a group get rid of couple of procedures and merge the code in SQL itself. For every row they select, they had a function to convert a column from date to varchar2 and another to concat 3 columns from the select list in a specific format.

I analyzed first using profiler and then using 10046 ... once we fixed the code, we did the steps again and they liked what they saw.

This might not be your case, but that is my experience. YMMV Raj

Rajendra dot Jamadagni at nospamespn dot com All Views expressed in this email are strictly personal. QOTD: Any clod can have facts, having an opinion is an art !

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I am going to try dbms_profiler this morning, I read in RevealNet that it tends to create a very large amount of rows, to accommodate I moved the plsql_% tables and their associated indexes to a separate tablespace.

We just want an overview of what is happening, the code is looping often, to the point where a simple query produces over a billion (yes, billion) buffer reads.

The developers just asked me to add memory to the server, I hope to show that perhaps their code could be tuned a little.

If dbms_profiler doesn't do it I will trace the session.

Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate the people on this list very much.

Patrice Boivin
Systems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)

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