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From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 23:53:10 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I have to say that the newsgroup is much more NT Friendly.
(IOUG: Did anything happen from IOUG concerning the ORACLE-NT-L mailing list?)
Not just Jonathan Lewis, but Sybrand Baker, Howard Rodgers, Ricky Sanchez put out some pretty good stuff.

I'd post to the ORACLE-L from work - but its a long story. Basically, I'm subscribed at work in DIGEST mode, but I can't get out of it.
So I post when I get home from the home mail account that I can't use from work.

Yes, most of the newsgroup is junk, but lately, I'd say that the signal-to-noise ratio is comperable to ORACLE-L. Best thing is - its threaded. Email just plain sucks. Threading rules (not in an OS - just in messages).

and there's (practically) no lag.

So in a deathmatch, the interested newsgroup readers/posters would have won the competition 2 hours before the first post was received by all the ORACLE-L subscribers.

just my opinion.

the attached is typical for the material I see in the newsgroup.


Syltrem wrote:
> Hi!
> When you shutdown an NT system, how do you ensure that the Oracle DB is
> shutdown properly?
> Other than connecting manually and doing a shutdown immediate, that is. I
> would like the process of shutting down Oracle to be automatic.
> Thanks!
> --

If you installed the Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows NT, there is a panel that contains a radio button as to selecting the shutdown mode ('normal','immediate','abort').

to access it select:

Start - Programs - Oracle-Ora81 - Database Administration - Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows NT

under the 'Databases' node, right click on the particular database and select "startup shutdown options"
in the "Oracle Instance" panel, you have a checkbox for "Shut down instance when service is stopped"
under that is the radio button set for the shutdown options.

click ok - and close the MMC console.

If you are running W2K server or Pro - MMC is included. If you are running NT4 - you need to have installed the MMC for the Oracle Admin Asst plug-in.



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