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Re: vs ORACLE-L: deathmatch

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 10:00:38 -0700
Message-ID: <>


I haven't look at newsgroup c.o.d.s. for a long time, basically because I got out of the habit of looking at newsgroups, the messaging formatting and software needed seems a little "unnatural" (convoluted) compared to email. But, I'll admit to laziness. I have enough on my hands just trying to read all the Oracle-NT documentation. :)

Anyway, why wait for IOUG to start a ORACLE-NT-L?

As far as technical issues goes, it could easily be done on yahoo groups (formerly "") or some similar "free" site (e.g., ???), or fatcity (which I know you feel is a bit unreliable/unperformant). I know that Jared felt uncomfortable with the old "" TOS (terms of service), and after I read them, I also felt that some of the vague/legalistic terminology sounded like it might be "funny". For instance, pat of the TOS sounds like it is saying that they have rights to claim ownership of the content of all material posted, etc. I don't know if Jared had other concerns than privacy ones.

As far as the "Culture" of any Oracle-NT-L, I can see the possible advantage of having some "weighty" expert personalities involved. The "culture", and therefore utility, of an email list "community" is almost always enhanced when the list is created with a good core group of people that can provide a sense of leadership, purpose and vision.


On 9 May 2001, at 23:40, Paul Drake wrote:

Date sent:              Wed, 09 May 2001 23:40:20 -0800
To:                     Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>

> I have to say that the newsgroup is much
> more NT Friendly.
> (IOUG: Did anything happen from IOUG concerning the ORACLE-NT-L mailing
> list?)
> Not just Jonathan Lewis, but Sybrand Baker, Howard Rodgers, Ricky
> Sanchez put out some pretty good stuff.


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