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Re: Which tables are in buffer cache.?

From: Mark Teehan <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 19:19:34 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Been here: this is a really interesting exercise! You can query v$bh (or its x$ base table) which has a record for every buffer cache block. Link on object ID's While tuning a 3000Tx/sec OLTP database I could get constant 24*7 performance by by examining objects in the buffer cache and manually removing unwanted objects at end of business day. This prevents required objects being aged out and having to be reloaded. Typical scenario is to remove the index for the partition for 'todays' transactions to make room in the buffer cache for 'tomorrows' transactions. Its good fun tuning at this level. I wrote a gui via perl & DBI that dumped the bcache contents
(similar to the oracle tablespace manager gui) and allows objects to be
manually/automatically removed from memory. I think DB2 can do this already. Does 9i allow definition of custom buffer pools
(buffer_pool_Transactions for example), each with its own aging algorithm?
Ive got the 9i beta cd here but havent even opened it. Too busy.

Mark Teehan

 From: "Bunyamin K.Karadeniz" <>  Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 09:23:57 +0300
 Subject: Which tables are in buffer cache.?

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 Hi all gurus,
    I want to learn the way to ook at=20 Which tables are in buffer cache./Analyzed?

Is there a system view showing these tables??

Thanks to All.

Bunyamin K.Karadeniz

    Database Group / Information Systems Department=20     HAVELSAN Ankara /TURKEY
    Tel : +903122873565 / 1681
    Mobile Tel : +90 535 3357729

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