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Oracle Portal, part of Oracle's Fusion Middleware family of products, offers an integrated framework for building, deploying, and managing enterprise portals.


[edit] History and future direction

Portal was developed from the old WebDB code base. Another product, APEX was later also developed from the WebDB code. One can think APEX as a lightweight database-on-the-web version of Portal.

Oracle recently launch a new portal solution, WebCenter Suite. It is currently unclear if Oracle will migrate it's Portal customers to WebCenter or if they will support both products.

[edit] Portlets

Although predefined portlets are available, companies can also develop their own portlets in PL/SQL. Starting with Portal 10.1.4, one can also deploy standard Java-based JCR (JSR-168 portlets in Oracle Portal.

[edit] Integration with WebCenter

Oracle Portal content can be published as JCR (JSR-170) data sources and used in WebCenter.

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