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Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) is a global membership organization that enables Oracle users to enhance productivity with education and networking, to better solve business issues with best practices and technology and to have a voice to Oracle Corporation on product technology directions. The IOUG represents the voice of Oracle technology and database professionals serving data architects, application architects and infrastructure architects. The IOUG is dedicated to providing education and access to its membership of more than 20,000 database administrators, developers, architects, technical managers and other Oracle professionals throughout North America and worldwide.


IOUG publishes their Oracle Select journal quarterly. This journal is only available to IOUG members.

The IOUG website contains more than 3,000 papers, tips and articles exclusively for their members.

Collaborate conference[edit]

The IOUG jointly hosts the yearly COLLABORATE conference in conjunction with the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest). COLLABORATE is a technology and applications forum for the Oracle Community. Representation at COLLABORATE includes Oracle users, solution providers, consultants, developers and representatives from Oracle Corporation.

The 2008 conference is scheduled for 13-17 April 2008 in Denver, Colorado, USA.


The IOUG was founded in 1993.

Effective 17 September 2005, IOUG changed their name from International Oracle Users Group to the Independent Oracle Users Group.

The last IOUG LIVE conference was hosed in 2005. Starting from 2006, IOUG jointly hosted the COLLABORATE conference with OAUG and Quest.

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