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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 18:02:54 +1000
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>>> On the other hand Gray never understood the relational model.
>> That's interesting. Can you point me to some evidence of that?

> I might have come to this conclusion because of "A Call to Arms".

Thanks, I hadn't read that. I found his big black book (with Reuter) hugely valuable; it's one of my most-prized books.

In "A Call to Arms", he seems to be mostly describing the evolving global data scenario, not necessarily approving it. The only thing I found surprising was his cheerfulness about the whole mess, and the only thing he approved of that I thought was a really bad idea was running user code inside the database, where it can hide inside a query that's now impossible to optimize. But I guess that was his employer's idea, not his...

If we had an interface with proper nested relation (rel-valued attrs) support, a lot of the push to drive code into the DBMS would vanish, and that'd be wonderful. But for that, a new query language has to emerge. This group ought to be a good place to discuss it, but...

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