Re: More on view updates and inverse views

From: Mr. Scott <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 04:38:28 -0400
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"Vadim Tropashko" <> wrote in message
> On Sep 8, 9:35 am, "Walter Mitty" <> wrote:
>> This makes the projection view
>> "invertable" even though without the default value it would not be
>> invertable.
> And what is default value in relational terms?

I think that depends on how a default constraint is expressed logically.

For a table (x,y,z) that neither allows nulls nor has default constraints, the predicate could be Pxyz. If the table were to have a default constraint for y, what would the logical expression for the table become? Isn't it

(Pxyz xor Pxdz) or (Pxyz and (y = d))?

If it is, then I think a view over (x,z) should be updatable.

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