Re: Patent for relational theory for OO memory management?

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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 22:45:41 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 4, 8:59 am, Nilone <> wrote:
> Not sure what to make of this:
> USPTO Application #: 20080222602
> Title: Declarative object identity using relation types
> Abstract: The present invention provides a programming model based on
> a relational view of the heap which defines identity declaratively,
> obviating the need for equals( ) and hashcode( ) methods. Each element
> in the heap (called a tuple) belongs to a relation type and relates an
> immutable identity to mutable state. The model entails a stricter
> contract: identity never changes during an execution. Objects, values,
> and singletons arise as special cases of tuples. (end of abstract)

This is an interesting paper in terms of solutions for OOP. However, and especially related to “immutable identity to mutable state”, one can find a more extensive theoretical approach on my website This website, posted in 2005 and at the same time presented to this user group, gives broader and effective solutions based on general data structures. It also introduces a new semantic related to entities, relationships, their changes and identification. On I presented a theoretical and practical solution for identifying individuals and their states. Briefly, in this solution one first determines a defined plurality of individuals and then from this plurality, one identifies a certain individual. See section 5 in this paper. Also see (3.3.3) in this paper.

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