Re: Object-oriented thinking in SQL context?

From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 02:53:15 -0400
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"Marshall" <> wrote in message
> On Jun 12, 9:46 pm, "Brian Selzer" <> wrote:
> >
> > How many people with good ideas were driven away?
> How many with good ideas would have been driven
> away if Bob hadn't been there? We have no data
> either way.
> > How many keep silent rather than risk one of his tirades?
> Same problem.
> > There is a cost to permitting his tirades to continue unopposed.
> Unopposed? What could you *possibly* be referring to?!
> Bob is *constantly* opposed.
> If you want to complain to me about Bob, you are
> complaining to the wrong guy.

I am not complaining to you about Bob. There is no point in complaining about Bob because he isn't going to change. It really irks me, however, when people defend his boorish behavior. That was the impetus for my post, but as far as the substance goes, I am pointing out the fallacy in your statement, "Bob's tirades really do decrease the noise." Perhaps it is just contrariness on my part, but I just can't let such blatant deception pass--and it is deception, even if it is not your intent to deceive, for in that case you are yourself deceived. I bring up Bob's typical reaction to anyone who dares to express an opposing point of view not as a whining complaint about his behavior, but as evidence that it is not just noise that is decreased, since not every opposing point of view is noise. I bring up the cost that his tirades incur in response to the apparent implication in your statement that the effect of Bob's tirades is somehow a good thing, when in fact there is a trade-off. If I turn the volume down on my record player (yes, I still have one), then I can no longer hear the cracks and pops caused by scratches on the records, but I also have a hard time hearing the music.

> I spent years trying
> to get him to be more polite. I put more effort into
> it, hands down, than any of you jonny-come-lately
> whiners. I had just about exactly squat for support.
> People complained, but *no one* was willing to join
> me when it came time to put up or shut up. Not that
> there was any shutting up to be had, mind you.

> So, you want to pick up the torch, knock yourself
> out. Me, I've been there, done that, changed my mind.
> Let's see if you last as long as I did. You've got a
> few more years to go still.

> Ugh. Everyone should just shut up about trying to get
> Bob to shut up for all his shutting people up.

> Marshall
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