Re: Object-oriented thinking in SQL context?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 01:15:46 -0300
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Marshall wrote:

> On Jun 12, 9:46 pm, "Brian Selzer" <> wrote:
>> How many people with good ideas were driven away?

It's true Vadim, Marshall and Jan post a lot less than they used to; however, I doubt I can claim credit for that. I kinda suspect life just started to take up too much of their time.

> How many with good ideas would have been driven
> away if Bob hadn't been there? We have no data
> either way.

I can confidently say 0 people with good ideas where driven away. If they had good ideas and went elsewhere, they would have gone somewhere to monetize their good ideas, and that would be a good thing as Martha says. If they couldn't monetize their ideas, how good could they be?

Well, unless they where doing basic science or mathematics like Marshall and Vadim, which might not have an immediate payout. But Marshall and Vadim still plug away at their ideas, and anyone with those sorts of good ideas would have gone somewhere more collegial with actual mechanisms to exclude cranks and snake oil salesmen. Whether due to peer review or an adequate hiring process, those sorts of environments do exist -- just not here.

The last I heard, they still give out Field's medals and Turing Awards so I have not put a complete stop to good ideas.

>>How many keep silent rather than risk one of his tirades?

> Same problem.

Anyone that timid would stand no chance against the self-aggrandizing ignorants in any case.

>> There is a cost to permitting his tirades to continue unopposed.

> Unopposed? What could you *possibly* be referring to?!
> Bob is *constantly* opposed.

It's a relief to hear you say that. You had me scratching my head with the "vast popular support" thing.

> If you want to complain to me about Bob, you are
> complaining to the wrong guy. I spent years trying
> to get him to be more polite. I put more effort into
> it, hands down, than any of you jonny-come-lately
> whiners.

And I must say, Marshall did so in a most collegial way to demonstrate exactly how one can shred an opposing argument without being disagreeable. His axioms (in this environment) were false which undermined his argument and prevented him from making headway, but I have to say he has been the only one to even approach having a persuasive argument.

> I had just about exactly squat for support.

Well, what support you had undermined your position because it mostly came from self-aggrandizing ignorants in the form of ad hominems.

> People complained, but *no one* was willing to join
> me when it came time to put up or shut up. Not that
> there was any shutting up to be had, mind you.

That's why God blessed us with someone intelligent enough to invent the killfile.

> So, you want to pick up the torch, knock yourself
> out. Me, I've been there, done that, changed my mind.
> Let's see if you last as long as I did. You've got a
> few more years to go still.

Selzer would be wasting his time. You always demonstrated an open mind and intellectual honesty, which prevented me from ever filtering you. Selzer bounced off the bottom of the twit filter ages ago.

> Ugh. Everyone should just shut up about trying to get
> Bob to shut up for all his shutting people up.
> Marshall

Was it Bugs or Daffy who said "Shut up shutting up already!" ? Received on Tue Jun 16 2009 - 06:15:46 CEST

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