Re: Clues on modeling a really simple concept

From: Bernard Peek <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 22:11:42 +0100
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<>, Spike <> writes
>My question is: Should i add a relationship between galleries and
>I would like to query which galleries a user has, and i don't really
>know if it is worth adding a foreign key rather than doing a three-
>level join query each time i want to obtain this data.

Less is more. The database is fully normalised without adding an extra relationship. You shouldn't denormalise without a good reason. Denormalised systems are usually more fragile and will cost you more time in programming and maintenance.

Of course if there is some other real-world relationship between galleries and users you may need to change the model. Do galleries have Owners, for instance and would those be Users?

Bernard Peek
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