Re: modules of a DBMS

From: paul c <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 05:09:34 GMT
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Evan Keel wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> how correct is the following diagram showin g modules of a
>> DBMS ...????

> Interesting that the OP uses the term "modules". In today's parlance
> wouldn't "services' be more appropriate?

There's fashion and then there's function. Those diagrams are user-centric and reflect that bias. Other biases are just as possible, depending on one's point-of-view. Personally, I suspect that the engine developer p-o-v can produce a diagram that results in a system that is just as useful to most users.

Also, the word "services" has connotations, perhaps due to various Irish contributions of the 1990's, which have more to do with communicaton and muddy the muddy waters when it comes to real function. Received on Sat Aug 16 2008 - 07:09:34 CEST

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