Re: pro- foreign key propaganda?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 11:22:02 -0300
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goanna wrote:

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>>>>>>I think it only seems that way before one knows what metrics to use.
>>>>>>Once one understands what to measure, everything becomes much more
>>>>>Well,  how do you tell a good metric from a bad one?
>>>>A good metric, like ROA, reflects the goal.
>>>And how do you tell a good goal from a bad goal?

>>In the private sector, that's easy. A good goal is one that maximizes 
>>shareholder value.

> And here we have in a nutshell the now almost universally accepted core
> of free market capitalism, US style: the one dimensional optimisation
> of profit for the investor (which of course is just code for optimising
> the profits of the parasite classes who steal from the real investors).

So, the pensioners whose pensions hold most of the shares are parasites? Are you suggesting it's a myth that a lifetime of toil means they earned their wealth?

> No multidimensional tradeoff needed, no consideration of the personal,
> family, community, social, national, or environmental impact of ones
> business practices required. Need third world wage slaves? No problem.

With all due respect, I have never forced the third world to breed themselves into a malthusian trap. If they want to flood the market with third world laborers, they will have to accept the consequences of their behaviour.

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