Re: Separate PK in Jxn Tbl?

From: David W. Fenton <>
Date: 27 Jan 2008 20:33:13 GMT
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JOG <> wrote in m:

> I certainly don't think developers should excuse sloppy RDBMS
> design just because they are using access (and of course I'm sure
> many of the professionals here wouldn't dream of doing so, despite
> others laxness).

What *are* you talking about?

Any mistakes in schema design that you can make in Access, you can make in any other RDBMS.

I would agree that there are many places that the wizards in Access and the sample databases encourage sub-optimal practices. But most professional developers aren't using either wizards or the sample databases as their models for developing their own applications.

If your impression of Access comes from futzing with it for 10 minutes and from encountering kludged-together apps created by your company receptionist, then you just haven't a clue what Access offers, either as an application development platform or as a data store (using its native Jet engine).

This is a schema question, and that is orthogonal to Access, because Access is an application development platform. If you use Jet for your data store, then Jet is relevant to the discussion. But you can use any data store that offers an ISAM or ADO or ODBC drivers, and that means all your schema issues are completely divorced from Access itself.

That you can't seem to keep this distinction clear in your mentions of Access demonstrates pretty clearly that you are completely clueless about Access and really aren't in any position to be making disparaging comments about it.

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