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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 20:44:38 +0100
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Kira Yamato schreef:
> ...A domain is simply a set of values.


>> [Domain]
>> 1. Set of values.
>> Sometimes used synonymously with type.
>> 2. Domain of a function. See function, math context.

>>>>>> [Function]
>>>>>> For now we have to live with different meanings
>>>>>> of _function_ when talking about databases:
>>>>>> "The function of this function is to get the tuples from B
>>>>>> that are functionally dependant on A."
>>> No, there is always just one meaning of function in database.

>> Would s/meanings/uses/ take away your objection?
>> If not, which one meaning?
> Perhaps s/meanings/definition/ is better.

The next question is: where are those definitions? I'll use 'uses' for now.

>>>>>> A binary mathematical relation over two sets D and C that 
>>>>>> associates with each element in D exactly one element in C.
>>>>>> Set D is called the domain of the function, C its codomain.
>>> Essentially correct, although to be rigorous you need to define how 
>>> such binary relation can define the meaning of "associating each 
>>> element in D exactly one element in C."
>>> Not all binary relation has this property.

>> IMHO this goes way beyond the glossaries purpose.
>> However, if you have a simple replacement that would cover this it
>> would be welcome.
> It is over the top for practical uses. I was just being pedantic. :)


I'll post the glossary in a new thread next.

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