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Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 12:04:47 GMT
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"Carlos M. Calvelo" <> wrote in message On 5 jan, 16:29, "David Cressey" <> wrote:
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> > > I disagree. A null doesn't indicate that information exists. There is
> > > always the "not applicable" case
> > Which, I believe, is almost invariably the reason that nullable
> > get introduced in real databases. I continue to be baffled at this
> > preoccupation with flagging information that must exist but isn't known.
> > Discuss it if you must (I absolutely don't care about it), but don't
> ignore
> > the more common problem.
> The "not applicable" case is the one that can be obviated by

That is indeed the obvious case.

> Even with full
> normalization there can be facts that the database doesn't know, and knows
> that it doesn't know. There can also be facts that the database doesn't
> know, and doesn't know that it doesn't know.

Here is a better explanation:

Sorry, could not resist.

I intended the veiled reference to Rumsfeld. Nice Catch.

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