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From: Brian Selzer <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 12:00:56 GMT
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> Brian Selzer wrote:
> ...
>> Call me dense. I fail to see the point--other than to deliver a poorly
>> veiled series of insults, directed not only at me but at anyone who
>> interacts with me. I thought that Bob was the resident insulter on CDT.
>> Has Paul now taken his place?
>> ...
> Insults? Nobody called you an ass and most people here don't try to twist
> an argument by going personal, actually most of them don't seem to be here
> to win in that sense. Here's some free advice: You won't get far if you
> call somebody an ass and expect them to agree with you! Some of my
> cockamamie ideas get called stupid all the time, so what? It makes me
> think a little more while I bide my time for a few months and cross my
> fingers that nobody remembers the last time I brought it up and may have a
> fresh response that for whatever reason wasn't possible before. Could be
> lots of reasons - I might have put the thought badly or it was rejected
> years ago by the audience or I might just be imagining things or my lingo
> may be too crude for their taste or, much less likely I'll admit, maybe
> they're all wrong and I'm right. I've been sitting on a few questions for
> a couple of years because I still haven't figured out how to put them.
> Bit by bit, things get clearer which I'll take any day over just winning
> arguments. No matter what you might think about entities, the bruises
> you'll get here aren't real!

You jumped in with an attempt to ridicule my (correct, I might add) use of the term "haecceity." In doing so, you not only disregarded the fact that what was being discussed were real world individuals, not database "entities," but also didn't bother finding out what the term "haecceity" means. The bottom line is that your post succeeded in ridiculing not your intended target, me, but yourself. I simply was offering some friendly advice: nobody I know enjoys making an ass of themselves, and as you had just clearly done so, I felt compelled to point it out so that you could possibly avoid future embarassment.

I most certainly wasn't trying to win an argument.

> At any rate, I'm not in Bob B's class, nor that of most regulars, if this
> is so important, why don't you go after the big fries?
> Since I've already been judged guilty of slinging, tinkerty tonk to you
> too, just the way Bertie Wooster meant it!

Who's Bertie Wooster? Received on Fri Nov 30 2007 - 13:00:56 CET

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