Re: Fabian Pascal, completely different?

From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 20:55:34 GMT
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Bob Badour wrote:
> Bruce C. Baker wrote:

>> Do you see the conservative slant of the former reading list as 
>> opposed to
>> the liberal slant of the latter? FP may still believe in the suicidal
>> decline of the West, but his *viewpoint* seems to have shifted 180 
>> degrees.

> Again, that is not necessarily the case if one looks at the former in
> the same spirit as one looks at the Quotes section of dbdebunk. I
> suggest you try doing so.

No comment about the site that is about non-db politics but as for dbdebunk, I remember that not all the quotes of the week were nonsense.   Some of them were sensible, at least for readers who were able to read and discern fact from opinion. I found it ironic that Pascal was accused so often of ad hominem arguments even on the many occasions that he didn't comment on whether the latest quote was sensible or not. These days that seems uncommonly polite if you ask me, paying one's readers the compliment of assuming that they are literate enough to judge for themselves. Naive maybe, since some of them weren't!

Whereas a lot of the political stuff elsewhere seems to assume that we must be told what to read and it hasn't occurred to its fans that they have just been insulted by their favourite commentators!

Sorry for replying to a really off-topic thread, it's beyond me what the database agenda behind the OP could have been.

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