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From: David Portas <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:08:50 +0100
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> hello
> 1)
> I still don't understand whether term data model (or data model
> instance) refers to mechanism ( implemented as software ) that defines
> what kind of structures ( tables, relationships etc ) system
> administrator can create using SQL statements, or does the term refer
> to actual structures the system administrator created using SQL
> statements?
> For example, say I create ( in relational database ) a new database
> consisting of one ( or more) table. Now does term logical data model
> refer to this very table I created, or does the term relate to
> mechanism that defines what kind of structures ( in relational DB ,
> for example, this mechanism allows table structures ) we can create
> and what kind of connections we can establish between these tables?
> 2)
> And how does a scheme fit into all of this?
> thank you

Your confusion is justified because it seems that "data model" is commonly used with at least two meanings, which you have correctly identified.

From "The Relational Database Dictionary":


data model

  1. An abstract, self-contained, logical definition of the data structures, data operators, and so forth, that together make up the abstract machine with which users interact.
  2. A model of the persistent data of some particular enterprise (i.e., a logical database design).


"The Relational Model" is an example of the first meaning. "A logical model" is the second.

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