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From: Cimode <>
Date: 14 Feb 2007 02:38:28 -0800
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On Feb 14, 1:17 am, mAsterdam <> wrote:
> JOG wrote:
> > Bob Badour wrote:
> >>> What lessons have you learned that you might want to relay? (Please
> >>> enumerate.)
> Having been plonked by Bob for "intellectual dishonesty" -
> as usual with his chilling twit filter habits no rebuttal
> chance whatsoever - I don't feel invited to this game of his.
> Yet I see some interesting points here, I hope you do not
> mind me butting in.
Are you surprised? I have exposed and described BB's tactics for isolating people at several occasions. That's why I created the FEW (Fraud Exposal Wall) to provide proof of his tactics and incoherence along with all the people who follow his perverse, cruel and hypocritical way of thinking.

For accessing BB's FEW, just read the entire thread...

> > Heck, why not. With the all-encompassing caveat that the follwoing is
> > all off the top of my head:
Yep that's the spirit..This is exactly what pisses off people like BB's. This is exactly the kind of reasonning that could lead to emergence of new ideas.

Refusing BB's rule of RM elitism on this NG is crucial to bring RM to the world out there.

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