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From: Cimode <>
Date: 14 Feb 2007 02:57:32 -0800
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On Feb 14, 2:30 am, paul c <> wrote:
> Keith H Duggar wrote:
> > ...
> > 1. When and who will provide us with an OS based on a
> > relational file-system (that works well)?
> > ...
> when most people are using and going along with, whether they know it or
> not, this M$ registry thing that basically allows any after-thought to
> be added with no more justification than "the hierarchy allows it", i
> would say the answer is "never".
> p
Hi paul c.

Triggering any thinking on Keith Duggar idiotic style is a waste if time....Proof and debunk below..

Bob Badour wrote:
> What lessons have you learned that you might want to
> relay?

<<1. Expression bias was and is the source of much of my daily


2. Expression bias was a huge problem for me even before I

   knew it's name.>>
So the *Expression Bias* is the new hype world for idiocy...

<<3. Many unfortunate souls suffering under the yoke of

   expression bias likewise do not know what it is.>> By the power of elitism, let's save them...!!! Youhou

<<4. It's difficult and time consuming to distinguish a crank

   from an elite troll.>>
*crank*? *elite troll*? ..Life is NOT *dungeon and dragons*..Get a life...

<<5. Contrary to what I had been told before (by a former IBM

   colleague no less) DBMSs are useful, in theory.>> ? Basically meaningless....

<<6. Somewhere out there is a revolutionary DBMS technology

   (TRM) as revolutionary as the multi-stage rocket. Sadly,    it's not available, nobody knows when it will be, and    those who know it's details won't leak the "secrets".>> If people stopped making judeo christian biased *Holy Graals*, and try to set up more objectives, it would be reasonable to believe that a TRDBMS would build progressively. And would have been built partly.

Lessons reinforced:

<<6. VI have infected all the land and all walks of life.>> As did *roaches*, let's burn them! Common Keith you paranoiac and maniac belief of invasion are firing up...Get your pill now!!!

<<7. Vast public resources are wasted on VI and BS.>> A worthless statement who primarily has no usefulness except the one of self promotion. The message is *Why are not public resources wasted on me?* .

<<8. Out of arrogance, many stupid people lazily dismiss the

   giants that came before them as ignorant.>> I think it would be *impossible* to dismiss giants of Idiocy like you.

<<9. Human arrogance wastes vast resources.>> Overgeneralizing. Typical simplistic reasoning of a fascist overlord. Only rich people can waste resources. You can't waste what you don't have.

What big questions remain unanswered in your mind?

<<1. When and who will provide us with an OS based on a

   relational file-system (that works well)?>> When, RM will be freed from some circular early formulations and elitist debate. RM must get out there one way or another.

<<2. Please, please when will we have an industrial strength,

   implemented, relational programming language?>> When people like will stop being a part of the problem and will start being a part of the solution.

<<3. If we develop a theory unifying bearing and probability,

   will it yield tools better able to express and analyze    ignorance? >>
Now, that's eugenics!!!
And what's next? Tagging people? Deporting them? Here you are being a fascist overlord again... Received on Wed Feb 14 2007 - 11:57:32 CET

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