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From: paul c <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 00:59:54 GMT
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mAsterdam wrote:
> Having been plonked by Bob for "intellectual dishonesty" -
> as usual with his chilling twit filter habits no rebuttal
> chance whatsoever - I don't feel invited to this game of his.
> Yet I see some interesting points here, I hope you do not
> mind me butting in.
> ...

I think you're entitled, more more than the handful of repetitious triflers here, among whom I don't consider you one. For a public free-for-all, it surprises me than only about half of the stuff here is nonsense (at least to me it's only half to me, as they say, the mileage of others will vary up or down). Even if I don't understand your motives, you write earnest stuff and nobody should ever criticize that.

> OID only works if either
> - some authority really takes care of it
> (so it becomes a value) or

that exposes the typical celko message, appeal to "higher" authority without explaining why it should be respected as being higher. Too lazy or too ignorant to justify why a suggestion stands on its own. most of us are sheep and go along with this.

> - they really are not exposed to users - which requires a lot
> of development team discipline (it /is/ possible though,
> I have seen it in practice).
> ...

too drunk to type what i meant to say about this and the rest, it could have been my attempt to distinguish humanism from corporatism, sorry.

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