Re: Proposal: 6NF

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 19 Oct 2006 18:29:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

vc wrote:
> Marshall wrote:
> > Wouldn't this then say that it was impossible to
> > subtract two natural numbers? Or are you saying
> > subtraction of natural numbers is not a "math binary
> > operation?"
> It means trivially that subtraction is not defined on the
> entire domain of the natural numbers.

Val consistently tries to sneak in qualifiers like "entire" when his arguments fall apart. He appears entirely ignorant of such concepts as a partial function or a many-sorted algebra. These concepts Val knows nothing about he dismisses as not part of "mathematics"; which for him consists of little more than the high-school concepts he consistently appeals to. Finally, Val dismisses those having superior knowledge as "impostors".

You should know that "vc" was exposed some months ago as a vociferous ignoramus while being annihilated in discussion regarding probability theory as a generalization of logic.

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