Re: Note to Tony D

From: Cimode <>
Date: 21 Jun 2006 11:41:25 -0700
Message-ID: <>

The Nazi idiot has striken again...

It will take you probably an entire lifetime to understand it but you can not control people quest for answering questions that idiots like you can not understand. Calling on censorship won't help you moron. It jus tells me I must be doing something into exposing frauds and self aggrandizing ignorants like you.

As for my participation in Experts Exchange you dump so much crap on, know that I am proud of participating in solving problems that SQL DBMS created on daily basis because SQL failed to implement correctly RM. And because of idiots like you that can't do anything about it.

Alea Jacta Est!!

Keith H Duggar wrote:
> Dave Greenwood wrote:
> > Tony,
> >
> > If you think you somehow help others by continuing a
> > discussion with a retard, we have news for you.
> >
> > It is severely detrimental to the c.d.t newsgroup quality
> > and hurting others. Please killfile him and stop.
> Yes there is certainly a large volume of TD - C - TD - C
> ... sub-threads. At this point and from now on, It would be
> a huge benefit if _everyone_ simply ignored _every_ Cimode
> post. Never dialog with him, regardless of whether you have
> him killfiled or not. Except perhaps for a single post
> warning that Cimode is crippled in fundamental ways.
> Eventually if ignored, he will probably return to Experts
> Exchange or wherever he lurked before he discovered c.d.t.
> -- Keith -- Fraud 6
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