Re: To Bob Badour, sorry

From: Cimode <>
Date: 19 Jun 2006 22:32:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

*Apparently* you have decided to analyze me in a *reflective* manner to make a point...Glad for you....

It's just that it's a real shame you have so little *imagination* (a new word for your list) that you must *paraphrase* a post I have made about BB's howling cats to illustrate their limited day to day vocabulary...(please give me your *cats dont' howl ethnocentric marshall like sermon)... I was right about you saying...You are probably the dummiest of all...You don't even deserve to be put on the FEW (Fraud Exposal Wall).

You worthless piece of
well...nothingness-vaccum-filled-empty-shell...People like you die totally forgotten by their family...

Tony D wrote:
> Some time ago, Cimode wrote:
> > Buy a disctionnary and widen you vocabulary spectrum to put prepackaged words
> > on situations...A *prepackaged contemptous thinktank* is what describes
> > best BB and his dogs...
> Rather than spend the money to add to my collection of dictionaries
> (favourite being a 1950s New English Reference, with a short but
> excellent section on grammar), I decided to study the lexicon of
> Cimode, in which there are, sadly, only a few words and phrases which
> turn up with monotonous regularity. These include :
> "prepackaged" (extra syllables optional, at users request)
> "BS" (the long-form "BULLSHIT" has recently made an appearance, so top
> marks there)
> "ignorant"
> "idiotic"
> "incoherence"
> "epidermic" (unusual usage; tread carefully)
> "barking dogs" (oft. in combination with "Bob Badour" or simply "Bob")
> "contemptuous"
> "hypocrisy" (in various spellings)
> "hypocrite" (in various spellings)
> "mental deficient"
> "mentally impaired"
> "damn"
> "practical" (typical usage: "how practical")
> "arborescence" (well and truly out of left field that one, if you'll
> pardon the pun)
> Recent additions have taken on a somewhat darker tone :
> "racist" (multiple spellings available)
> "xenophobic"
> "fascist" (multiple spellings available)
> "overlord"
> Note that these words may be combined in pretty much any order to
> produce new-yet-old terms.
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